Stress can be a killer and certainly can detract from our daily routines at work and in our personal lives.  But here in Wyoming, life moves a little slower than the rest of the world, and for that I'm thankful! conducted a study to find out which states suffered from the most and least stress in the United States and what they found was a little surprising. The study involved 33 points of stress in our lives and places to find a more relaxation.

The looked at hours worked per week, amount of sleep we get and even our financial stability, even bankruptcies.  They ranked each state in the categories of 'Work Related Stress', 'Money Related Stress', Family Related Stress' and 'Health & Safety Related stress'.

Wyoming Ranked Best in the nation when it came to 'Money Related Stress', seems as though folks in the Cowboy State worry less about Money when compared to every other state.  We were middle of the pack when it came to stressed caused by family and health.  But Wyoming ranked extremely high when it comes to Work Related Stress (5th highest in the Nation).  Giving us the 38th over all ranking and showing that Overall Wyoming is a pretty stress free place to live.

The 5 lowest stress states are:  51-Minnesota, 50-North Dakota, 49-Iowa, 48-South Dakota, 47-Utah.

The 5 states suffering from the highest amount of stress are: 1-Alabama, 2-Louisiana, 3-Mississippi, 4-West Virginia, 5-Kentucky.

Source:  Wallethub


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