At least one member of the Rock Springs Police Department knows what it's like to be behind bars, even if it was just in an animal shelter.

According to the Rock The Rock Springs Police Department Facebook page, K9 Fenrir, a two-year-old German Shephard, was rescued from a Colorado animal shelter where he had been classified as "unadoptable" and was set to be euthanized.

But someone with an eye for talent realized Fenrir wasn't un-adoptable at all, he just needed a little training and the chance to be productive. So Fenrir entered the KP police academy, where he passed with flying colors and became certified in locating illegal drugs and criminal apprehension.

He has been placed with RSPD Officer Buller and her family. Now he spends his working hours taking a bite out of crime and his spare time with his beloved family, including his two-year-old best friend, with whom he is inseparable.

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