The tiny town of Dubois, Wyoming, will soon have a new claim to fame. Known as the former home of infamous bank robber Butch Cassidy, it's now home to the largest private collection of military vehicles in the country.

Dan Starks restored his first Sherman tank for a fundraiser several years ago. His collection has since grown to 120 vehicles. Amazingly, all of the tanks are still running and many of them have been used in recent parades and celebrations. Starks is now building a museum to show them off.

The Wyoming Museum of Military Vehicles is expected to open in 2019. The four-acre complex will mimic a World War II army camp and will showcase vehicles from every era. Starks hopes it will become a popular destination for veterans and historians across the country.

Starks is no stranger to public projects. Before retiring in Dubois, Starks was the CEO of the St. Jude Medical Corporation. In addition to curating the museum, Starks and his wife also operate a working cattle ranch.



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