Over the last week, regular gasoline just went up 2.7 cents a gallon averaging $2.19 across the Cowboy State according to GasBuddy.com. Spring begins March 20th, and then Wyoming will slide into tourist season. Many lives and livelihoods depend on reasonable gas prices for a healthy tourist trade this summer.

In an article titled: “Spring Sting: Farewell Cheap Gas, Prices on the Rise,” GasBuddy writes: “You’ve been warned. Gas prices are about to get pumped up, eventually climbing to the year’s highest levels as refineries across the nation are preparing for maintenance season and the seasonal switch to cleaner burning gasoline, a tradition despised by many.

The hikes are due to summer’s more expensive blend of gasoline, required by the Environmental Production Agency (EPA)and the Clean Air Act, as well as refinery maintenance work lasting several months that causes gasoline production to drop, creating a pinch at the pump.” - February 15, 2017

“Average gasoline prices will rise 35-75 cents between recent lows and peak prices, just in time for spring break travel plans. Gas prices will likely plateau in May.”

Meanwhile, AAA just released: “Average Gas Prices Remain Steady Despite Low Demand.

“National gas prices have increased fractions of a penny to reach today’s average price for regular unleaded gasoline, which is $2.28 per gallon, the same as one week ago. , five cents less compared to one month ago and 56 cents more than the same date last year. Prices continue to remain flat due to lower driving demand and an oversupplied market as a result of increased U.S. production. As refinery maintenance season begins and driving demand increases, we could expect to see some of the gasoline supply in the U.S. soaked up.”

Hawaii $3.12, California $2.90. Wyoming didn’t make the top 10 most expensive gas prices at $2.19.

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