The first official day of winter 2017 blew in, literally, on the official first day of winter. Temperatures dropped quickly into the single digits and are foretasted to drop below zero, at night, over the weekend.

As Wyoming passes this milestone local pets have decided it is about time to have a word with their owners about answering natures call at these low temperatures.

We spoke to Rufus, furry four legged spokesman for the pet population.

"Sure you can joke," said Rufus, "that we can't freeze them off if our owners already had them cut off. That's very funny, but it sucks just as much to have to tinkle out in the cold with or without them."

"You humans should also consider how close our bums have to get to the snow when we need to take a squat. Do you want snow that close to your end regions? No you don't. We hear you squeal when the toilet seat is too cold, and that is inside."

"Finally, don't kick us outside then not join us. Lets share the misery. Besides, sometimes you pour a cup of hot coffee and forget we are out there. That's just mean."

The opinions expressed by Rufus are not necessarily the opinions of Townsquare Media. Though we sympathize.

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