February is National Children’s Dental Health Month. Website WalletHub reports on 2018's States with the Best & Worst Dental Health. Wyoming’s rank is #37. How did they know it was two years until I finally ust saw a dentist about a bad tooth? (I'm sorry to say that's not kidding. I'm just so busy.) Well, if it makes you feel any better, Montana is #47.

Wallethub arrived at their ranks with 25 key factors. For instance, certain states have more (or less) dentists. Actually, in September of 2016, Wyoming’s dentists per capita rank was second in the country. I guess we’re suddenly no longer in that top 5, according to beckersdental.com. One of the biggest things to consider is areas with water systems that are more fluoridated. In March of 2016, fluoridealert.org showed the Cowboy State’s percentage of people getting fluoridated water at 43.6%.

Oddly Wyoming is up at #4 on the list of states with the least percentage of people with poor oral health. Highest percentage of all - meaning last in that poor oral health category – is again Montana.

Dental health is a bit better just south of our border. Colorado the fourth least percentage of elderly with no teethe. Last, however, with the highest percentage of age 65 plus with no teethe is a tie between Mississippi and West Virginia. As a friend of mine from Alabama says, “Thank God for Mississippi.” But we’re not here to stereo-type - except when it comes to stereo-typing Greenies every chance we get.

States with the Best Dental Health Overall:

1. Minnesota

2. Wisconsin

3. Connecticut

4.  Illinois

5.  North Dakota

6.  District of Columbia

7.  Michigan

8.  Massachesetts

9.  South Dakota

10. Idaho

Source: WalletHub