Ok, so we had 10 days of Cheyenne Frontier Days, over a week of the Laramie County Fair and now, if you're not too tuckered out, the Wyoming State Fair is open. Just a couple of hours up the road from Cheyenne in Douglas, Wyoming, which is not only the home of the Wyoming State Fair, but it's also the home of the Jackalope. Fun facts. The small town is sure to be rocking with all the events and live music about to hit Douglas.

One of the highlights of the Fair for 2021 is a show from country music star, Walker Hayes, which is set for Friday at 7 pm. If you're craving more than a country show, they have events going on every day starting today

So, if you're heading up today, it looks like there's live music, agriculture events, and more. If the demolition derby Saturday at the Laramie County Fair didn't do it for you, there will be a derby this Saturday in Douglas at the Wyoming State Fair. You can get your smash on.

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If there's an event that you're specifically looking for that I didn't mention, which is totally fair, I only hit the main highlights, you can find the full schedule of events here.

Put on your big boy pants for one more week of stuff to do in Wyoming, I know it's been a long month since Cheyenne Frontier Days kicked off, but you've got more of 2021 to enjoy. At least we can do things this year.

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