Hunting for Thanksgiving turkey at the grocery store is boring. You grab the bag, toss it in the cart, done. Elevator music plays from the speakers overhead as you walk to the checkout line. Where's the sport in that.

The true adventure is in waking up before first light. Guzzle coffee as you drive down some dirt rut road in the middle of no place Wyoming. Freeze your buns off as you make silly turkey sounds and wait for some studly bird who thinks he's about to meet with a lady and get lucky. --- Now that's sport.

Here are some of the best Wyoming turkey hunting videos we could find.


  • 1


    Guns are easy. Archery is hard.

  • 2

    Wyoming Black Hills

    Don't make any noise. You'll scare them off.

  • 3

    Wild Wyoming Turkey

    Fella bagged a big one.

  • 4

    Spring Hunt Wyoming

    Wind River hunt.

  • 5

    4 Wyoming Hunts

    Trophy Ridge Carlyle Wyoming.

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