307 Pride is strong in the Cowboy State. We don't take kindly to folks insulting our beautiful home. That said...we also don't take kindly to folks moving here that can't handle the state (we're looking at you, California.)

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Indeed, Wyoming is not the easiest state to live in. We have hellacious winters, hot summers, and hurricane-force wind every day that ends in 'y.' We don't have all the amenities of giant cities. We don't have Whole Foods in every city. Heck, we don't even have a Walmart in every town.

But that's what you sign up for when you live here.

Of course, for TikToker @_elizabethbagdon - who recently moved to Wyoming - has found plenty of good reasons to live here. So much so she's made a TikTok series about the joys and wonders of the Cowboy State.

However, plenty of folks have asked Elizabeth not to share just the good parts of Wyoming. After all, you have to take the good parts with the "bad" to survive living here.

Elizabeth rose to the challenge. She's started sharing reasons not to move to Wyoming; honestly, she's spot on. Here are her reasons (plus a few of my own) on why not to pack up and move to the Equality State:

Elizabeth's List:

  1. The bison ain't no joke. Elizabeth calls them Killer Cows. I call them "Murder Moos."
  2. The weather. Again, I repeat, hurricane winds are normal here. And, as Elizabeth points out, we get some crazy temperature drops.
  3. Yellowstone is a supervolcano, reminds Elizabeth. Not cool with living on a giant ticking time bomb? Don't live here.
  4. Wyoming diets aren't really vegetarian-friendly. Elizabeth points out that we love our beef here. It's the truth.
  5. Wyoming is ranked the most dangerous state to work in. She doesn't reference the study or data from which she got the info, but U.S. News backs up her claim in a 2019 article.

My List of Reasons NOT to Move to Wyoming:

  1. If you don't like guns, don't move here. Most people have at least one gun (if not considerably more.)
  2. Elk and deer destroy your yards here. Don't like wildlife eating your rose bushes? Don't move here.
  3. We have a lot of big, vicious animals. In addition to Murder Moos, we also have bears, elk, mountain lions, wolves, and, if rumors are true, Sasquatch in our woods.
  4. There's only one escalator in the whole state. If you hate stairs...probably not a good place to move.
  5. Our idea of fun involves a lot of time outdoors. So if you aren't hiking, fishing, shooting, etc., and prefer indoor attractions...maybe move to Colorado. Tell 'em Wyoming sent you.

Check Elizabeth's complete list below or visit her on TikTok here.

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