The Wyoming Treasurer's Office Unclaimed Property Division paid out more than $15.25 million in money and securities value during the fiscal year 2022, which ended on June 30.

That's according to a release from the Treasurer's Office.

According to the release, almost another $12.86 million was reported to the state in FY 2022. The largest check from the office in FY 2022 was for $159, 092, while $ 6.7 million in stocks were transferred to a former Teton County resident.

According to the release, here are some of the highlights of returned property in Fiscal Year 2022 at the Wyoming Treasurer's Office:

• $8.072 million in cash payments, compared to a previous high of $7.423 million

• 172 checks valued at $10,000 or greater, including three over $100,000

• 7,032 checks issued (less than the FY20 record), compared to 5,487 in FY21

• $12.86 million was reported to the State, compared to last year’s $10.10 million record amount.

Despite the record payout during the past year, the amount received by the State continues to grow.

As a result, there is still more than $98 million waiting to be claimed.

According to the release, people who want to see if they are owed any money by the state should watch a video before searching the online database.

According to the release: ''To make a valid claim at or any other state’s site, owners will need to provide information about themselves and may need to submit official documents. This could be as simple as a copy of a driver’s license, but additional documents may be required for those claiming as an heir or a business."

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