Add one part fresh powdery snow and then mix with a little Wyoming wind and what do you get?  If you guessed a huge mess, well you're partly right!

Having been witness to a lot of crazy weather phenomenons in Wyoming, this is one I'm hoping to see in person one day.

Photographer Ariel McGlothin captured this rare weather phenomenon that witnesses oven refer to as a ‘ghost snow tsunami’.

Ariel was hoping to capture some local wildlife in action when she ventured outdoors in Kelly, Wyoming (Just outside of Jackson, WY), when instead she witnessed an incredibly rare spectacle. Standing before a huge wall of icy powder, a strange mirage began to form as the sun hit the blowing snow perfectly, matching the direction of the wind.

The resulting mirage is created as the sun highlights the snow crystals moving in the cold Wyoming wind.  There is no doubt that the mirage resembles a series of waves crashing against a shoreline.  Due to the sun and wind matching directions for just a few moments, the mirage lasts only a minute or two before dissipating. But the video of this rare phenomenon is stunning!

Just one year ago, winds and snow in Casper gave us this wintry scene which was captured just before the videographer hurried inside to try and warm up!

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