Wyoming ranchers along with sportsman will once again be able to harvest wolves after a Washington DC Appeals court ruled in favor of the Cowboy State's Wolf Management plan.

Previously, a circuit court had ruled that Wyoming's management plan did not have sufficient "regulatory mechanism" to protect the predictors.  But Wyoming stuck to its guns and the appeal succeeded in vacating the lower court ruling.  Wyoming will however have to maintain a minimum number of wolves within the state or face future lawsuits and a possible listing once again of wolves on the endangered species list.

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation President David Allen (see video above) commended Wyoming for stanching up to the Fish and Wildlife Service and believes in our ability to manage wolves and other species within our state boundaries.

This now opens the door for ranchers to be granted the ability to protect property and livestock from wolves along with the potential for sportsman to hunt wolves once again.

Tell us your opinion in the battle over Wolves in Wyoming.

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