Deidre Hanson is the hardworking nurse at Pine Bluffs Elementary School. Last fall, her co-workers nominated her a national contest which will name "America's best school nurse." 

The contest first names a winner from all 50 states before picking their national winner. After being selected as Wyoming's representative, Mrs. Hanson's statewide victory allowed her to win a $500 cash prize.

Deidre is now up for the national award which would give her the ultimate summer vacation. If she wins the top prize, she'll receive four round trip plane tickets to any United States location of her choosing, a 7-night hotel stay and an $800 travel stipend.

Besides doing normal school nursing items, she also ensures that our students have warm coats, gloves and hats during the winter. She has spent numerous dollars out of her own pocket to provide students with clothing for school, school concerts or other special functions. She also takes clothing home to clean, mend, hem or sew, so a student can look their best. She has also spearheaded a Christmas money, food, and gift drive to provide needy students and their families with what they need for a joyous Christmas. She has the Wyoming Health Fairs twice a year for blood draws and health checks. - Pine Bluffs Elementary School Staff Comments


10% of the final judging process is based on online votes. If you'd like to vote for your favorite nurse, you can do so until April 16. The contest winner will be announced May 5.

After voting, it is necessary to confirm your vote through e-mail confirmation. Otherwise, the vote will not count!


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