Forget Kanye West and Nikki Sixx. Beyonce's husband has put his stamp on Wyoming. By that, I mean the fantastic rapper, Shawn 'Jay Z' Carter is putting up billboards at the Wyoming/Colorado state line for his new cannabis company, Monogram.

As part of the launch of Monogram, a national awareness campaign has also been launched that will focus on discussions of mass incarcerations from cannabis-related offenses. The rapper and his Monogram team are posting up billboard trucks at the borders of states with the 'most starkly contrasting legal/illegal borders of cannabis legislation in the country', according to the Cowboy State Daily.

Such borders include the Wyoming/Colorado border, the Oregon/Idaho/Colorado borders, the Illinois/Wisconsin borders, Michigan/Wisconsin borders, Nevada/Idaho borders, and Washington/Idaho borders.

Because of the different cannabis laws of both states, the billboards will differ on each side of the border. On the legal side, the billboards will read, "Here, cannabis is legal. Enjoy." On the illegal side, the billboards state, "Here, cannabis is illegal. Avoid the bookings." Each truck with the billboard will continue parked there for the next two weeks.

The Monogram campaign launch coincides with the 50th anniversary of the Controlled Substances Act. At the time when the act was passed, it outlawed cannabis federally as it claimed that cannabis has a 'high potential for abuse' and 'no currently acceptable medical use.'

Jay Z said of the new Monogram campaign:

Cannabis culture has been marred by the effects of the [CSA] and stigmatized by political agendas...While there has been progress, as we launch Monogram, we felt it was imperative that we call out the arbitrary borders that still demarcate who can benefit from cannabis, whether that’s through business or the positive effects of its use

It's certainly important to take notice of the purpose of the billboards and the concept of Monogram's campaign to spread awareness. And on a much lighter note, at the same time, it's nice knowing that for the next two weeks, Wyoming is just one degree away from Beyonce.

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