There is a trend or at least, there was a trend on social media where you put sound to different places which could be a business, school, town, or whatever fits that mold. Someone on TikTok made a pretty funny version of this with towns in Wyoming. While I don't agree with all of them or most of them, when they get to Cheyenne, it's funny for a few reasons.

You can watch the video here, and I'll explain why I think it's funny, and not necessarily why the creator made it and thought that it was funny, if that makes sense.

Sorry Rock Springs, that was pretty harsh. I also think we like Saratoga because it is quiet. When you get to Cheyenne and all the traffic sounds, it's kind of funny, but also, has this person never driven before? All our roads are two-lane roads, come on. You can get anywhere in Cheyenne within 10 mins. I mean, you're never late to work because of traffic. Sure, the construction traffic is annoying, but it adds, what, 2 minutes to your commute?

While I enjoyed the video overall, I think having the idea that traffic is ever bad in Cheyenne is silly.

What do you think about the other towns that had sound added? Do you agree? I think Cody was spot on, I've never been to Green River, so I can't add to the underwhelming sounds they added for there, but I think it's at least pretty funny overall. Especially when you get to Cheyenne(again, I don't believe that we're all traffic, but I get it).

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