There are some words that when used outside of Wyoming take on a different meaning. Strange for someone visiting Wyoming when they hear how we use those words.

Here are a few examples.

GUN: A tool for fetching dinner or ridden one's property of ornery people. Note that it is referred to as a tool, not a weapon. Bonus word 'Ridden' means to get rid of, not 'to ride.'

TOAD: Not a four legged hopping thing but a direction you are aiming for. Head east toad that butte and you'll see the river.

ABODE: Not 'A BOARD' which is a piece of wood, but a place where you live. Your home.

HEAP: A large quantity. I have a heap of mashed potatoes on my plate.

LIKETO: Almost happened but it did not. 'I liketo pee my pants when that bull charged me.'

PIDLIN: A term used when addressing someone who is being lazy. 'Quit pidlin round and get to it.'

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