If you like it spicy, there's a few places here in Wyoming that are packing some serious heat.

Here's five of the best homegrown hot sauce companies in the Cowboy State.

Holy Habanero from Lander - This recipe has been passed down through several generations of the Lucena family in Lander. Available at select gift shops across the state, their booth is also a favorite at the Laramie Farmer's Market.

Hot Tamn's from Torrington - Since introducing their original sauce in 2007, Hot Tamn's has since expanded their product line to variety of sauces, including "Fire in Your Hole" and "Devil's Breath".

Johnny Midnight from Buffalo - This 2014 Hot Pepper Award winner is the most popular item at the Wahoo Frontier Toppings Gift Shop, which is also known for their Bighorn Mountain Chokecherries and a variety of bbq sauces, jams, jellies, syrups and rubs.

Rick's Original Habanero Sauce from Glenrock - What began as another homemade recipe is noiw sold in stores and served in restaurants across Central Wyoming. There are two flavors; mild and scorching, sizzling, blazing, boiling, set your tongue on fire, hot.

Uncle Milt's from Cody - In 2004, Milton Dearborn was watching a food show on television and was inspired to create his own signature seasoning. With a little trial and error, Uncle Milt's Criter Rub was born. Milt now offers a variety of rubs and sauces, including his Cowboy Habenero sauce, which was recently named as Wyoming's best by Bon Appetit magazine.


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