Earlier this year, we announced that one website said the best wings in all of Wyoming were in Laramie. Another website is not disagreeing.

In February website Thrillest.com told us their pick for the best wings in all of Wyoming were at Lovejoy's Bar & Grill in Laramie. 

According to Delish.com however, they're wrong.

Delish says the best wings are actually at Jackson eatery The Bird. Just off of US-89 The Bird has been a favorite for locals and tourists for several years. Folks with big appetites get their steak, burger, or wing fixes there.

According to Delish it's the "kick" that gives them the edge. Flavors include "Oh My God" which includes ghost pepper, and "Meet God" which is made with Trinidad scorpion pepper.

So we're asking you to let us know, who has the better wings. The Bird or Lovejoy's? Feel free to write in if you think there's another contender!


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