Full disclosure, I usually eat oatmeal or cereal while doing my show every morning. Not while I'm talking, of course, but when I get settled and have a moment in between what I'm doing for four hours. It's a nice moment of zen. I also have very strong feelings about what cereal is the best. If I'm not eating oatmeal I have a particular cereal that I'm eating. I'm not alone in my choice, either, my choice lines up with Wyoming's favorite.

The website Zippia did some research through Google Analytics to find out what each state's favorite cereal was, they looked into what each state looks up on Google the most. So, if people go nuts and lookup Count Chocula during Halloween, it'll probably show up in the results. Unfortunately, no state went big on them, so I can't give a virtual high five to anyone in a particular state for a bold choice.

Interestingly enough, Cinnamon Toast Crunch was the favorite for the most part in the country, followed by Froot Loops. I'm really surprised people eat those, Cinnamon Toast Crunch is just kind of ok and Froot Loops are like sugar and cardboard. Wyoming has too good of a palate for that to be the top cereal here.

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So what cereal do we dig the most in the Cowboy State? We are on team Frosted Mini Wheats. This may be the survey that I agree with more than anything I've ever read, not just for what people like in the state, but what I can relate to personally. Frosted Mini Wheats are incredible.

The best part is how sugary the milk gets after you dump in those bad boys. Froot Loops don't give you that, keep that trash in Colorado. We'll stick with Frost Mini Wheats.

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