Tomorrow, Playboy magazine celebrates the 62nd anniversary of their first issue, released in December of 1953. Although the popular publication recently eliminated nude photos, the magazine will always be best known for their Playboy Playmates.

Amazingly, of the hundreds of lovely ladies who have graced the pages of Playboy over the years, only one Playmate of the Month was born in Wyoming. Melba Ogle was the featured centerfold in Playboy's July 1964 issue.

Not much is known about Ogle's modeling career following her pictorial, but according to Wikipedia, the Cheyenne native would now be 73 years old. While Ogle is the only Playmate born in Wyoming, she might not be the only Playmate that ever lived in the Cowboy State.

However, according to a recent Playboy article ranking the Hottest Woman From Every State, Wyoming was the only state on their list without a famous female celebrity. In fact, when asked to named the most attractive woman in Wyoming's history, the Playboy articled listed "?".


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