There are so many wonders here in Wyoming, that it's really hard to keep track of them all. Wyoming's most beautiful geyser, the Morning Glory, may be lost in the future.

What is now known as the Morning Glory, used to be called the Convolutus when it was named in 1883, by the spouse of after an assistant park superintendent.

The name came from the Latin word for Morning Glory Flower. If you look at the pool beautiful colors, then you'll quickly know why it got its name.

What makes up the beauty of this geyser, is thermophilic bacteria, which come alive and thrive because the pool is so hot.

Today, some people are nicknaming it 'Fading Glory', but of the irresponsibility of tourists over the years. It's been said that people have thrown everything from coin money, bottles, and other trash into this glorious pool.

You can see the geyser in action if you're ever there when the seismic activity takes place.

So, the next time you are visiting Yellowstone National Park, be sure to stop by and enjoy the natural beauty of Wyoming's most beautiful geyser.



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