When you make something in Wyoming, the word "iconic" comes to mind naturally.

The United States is filled with different people. Different cultures, languages, food and, of course, drinks. It's what makes this country so great. You could even say that each state is its own type of animal.

That certainly can be said about adult beverages.

Recently, BuzzFeed took a look at cocktails, beers, wines, etc. all across the nation to determine which was the most iconic for each state. It was no small task, but someone had to do it. They compiled their findings into a list of "The Most Iconic Drinks from Each US State."

Wow, didn't see that title coming. 

For Wyoming, it's Wyoming Whiskey. (We told you it was a no-brainer). Not only is Wyoming in the name, but it's made in the Cowboy State in Kirby. All of that information is proudly displayed on the bottle. While many states across the country have iconic cocktails, or mixed drinks, we'll just take it straight.

Well, that's if you don't mind a little hair on your chest... something my great uncle always said about stout drinks.

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