Valentine's Day is fast approaching and it's time to set the mood for romance.

Pour a glass of Merlot, fill the tub with bubble bath, light some candles, surrender to the passion and prepare to be swept away. This is Wyoming's steamiest, and arguably its cheesiest, romance novel.

Joan Johnston is the best selling author of over 40 romance novels, including the long running series "Bitter Creek". "Wyoming Bride" is the second novel in her recent "Mail-Order Bride" series.

"Wyoming Bride" is the tale of a sultry affair involving a Wyoming widow and a rugged rancher on the western frontier. Still grieving her late husband and three months pregnant, Hannah embarks on a forbidden liaison with a new lover, the dashing Flint Creed.

Here's an excerpt:

"Flint felt the pulse throb in his neck and realized it wasn’t Emaline who was causing the frantic beat of his heart. It was the waif he’d rescued.

Maybe that was it. Maybe it was the fact that he’d found Hannah, like a lost penny, that made her so attractive to him. Maybe it was the mystery surrounding her during the days before her memory had returned. Maybe it was the desperation he’d felt to find a woman— any woman— so he wouldn’t be alone in the house when Emaline and Ransom returned to live here as a married couple.

Of course, none of those reasons explained why he was still attracted to Hannah when Emaline was standing in the same room with her. Standing right beside her, in fact, where the two women couldn’t have been more different than a wolf and a dog.

One was feral, one domesticated. What did it say about him that he preferred the wild one?"