It's not exactly breaking news that there are a lot of varieties of wildlife in Yellowstone National Park. Bears and wolves tend to get the most press with elk and moose sightings also commonly shared. The one animal you don't hear much about is the badger. The first badger sighting of 2021 shows one of these little guys shockingly digging a hole.

Yellowstone Wolf Tracker is one of the tour groups that takes visitors on sight-seeing excursions to see wildlife. They captured this video of a badger thanks to a super-zoom on their camera.

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You'll notice that this Yellowstone badger was in a better mood than most and also included some play time to go along with his subterranean adventures.

Yellowstone by Bearman mentions that badgers aren't uncommon in the non-high elevation areas of the park. Ground squirrels are the natural prey of the badger so if you see digging like this, he may be scrounging around for potential lunch or dinner.

The National Park Service mentions that badgers main threat comes from bears and wolves although eagles are known to look for young badgers if left out in the open.

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