Love this guy, the Yeti, abominable snowman is roaming the the streets of Sommerville, MA during the Winter Blizzard of 2015. 

Like the clowns in California, the unicorn in Casper and the Yeti in Boston, roaming the streets in a costume would be a blast in Cheyenne. I need a costume for our next snow storm, like a polar bear. In Boston, the person wears a white costume and simply walks along desolate sidewalks and residential streets. While the true identity of the character remains uncertain, the individual is being called The Boston Yeti and he or she has a Twitter account.

The costume is fairly scary-looking and includes a mask that would likely give quite a few people the creeps. Appearances aside however, the Boston Yeti seems to be a good-natured person who enjoys prancing around the area in the midst of snow storm and sharing photos of the adventures. Did he deflate the balls?