Wyoming is the least populace state, but it is growing.. very slowly. But a lot of people are moving out. We’ve seen the headlines for years.

“Wyoming experiences population drop for first time in 27 years” – StarTribune March 2017


“Young workers still leaving Wyoming” – Billings Gazette Sept 2007


“Wyoming Grown program aims to bring young people back to work here” - WyomingNews.com

Wyoming isn’t the only state experiencing shrinking pains.

Wyoming’s neighbor, Nebraska is feeling it too, especially in Sidney, where the sale of Cabela’s to Bass Pro Shop takes away the state’s largest employer.

Senator Dan Hughes and other Nebraska lawmakers want to preserve the state’s small towns and are considering paying people to move there. Senators are looking into relocation incentives designed to draw people back to rural areas. – CBS5

Do you think a program like this could work for The Cowboy State? A few recent trips to Colorado have also shown me a large number of people that live in Cheyenne, commute to Fort Collins, Loveland and Greeley. What can we

I’ll raise the question, but I have no answer, do you?

What can we do to stop and reverse the trend? Leave a comment.

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