We used to hear stories years ago about someone cracking open a fresh egg and finding a chick inside. You'll never guess what this teen found in his KFC meal.  A Stockton teen just want's his lunch money returned to him from a local Kentucky Fried Chicken. The teen ordered, what he thought was just your ordinary To-Go box of chicken, but ended up finding a surprise in the box.

He identified the 'chicken part' as a chicken brain. The 'brain' was laying beside his chicken thigh, breast and a chunk of corn. He said he ended up, "Spitting it in the trash" because he got 'grossed out' by it. Well, I guess so!

Now, the boy just wants his four bucks back. KFC Consultant, Richard Ramos said the brain looking piece of chicken was actually just a gizzard or a kidney, which is safe to eat. Ramos also said he will follow-up with his cooks to ensure proper cooking techniques.

What will you find in your next order of Kentucky Fried Chicken? If you find something 'special', tell us about it here.

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