Are you excited about the beginning of the Major League Baseball season?

On 'Your Easter Sunday Brunch' we'll pay tribute to America's favorite past time, enjoy half of a Canadian trio's album, celebrate rock birthdays and get ready for some new music and concerts this week.'Your Easter Sunday Brunch' Menu for March 31, 2013

Appetizer: 'Heroes'-Wallflowers (covering David Bowie, nominate your Hometown Hero)

'Album Side Sunday'-Rush 'Moving Pictures' side one from 1981

New Music Releases 4-2: 'No One to Depend On'-Santana ('Santana III' on vinyl)

'Tequila Sunrise'-Eagles ('The Studio Albums 1972-1979')

'Jumpin' Jack Flash'-Rolling Stones ('Get Your Ya-Yas Out: Expanded Edition')

MLB Begins 4-1: 'Centerfield (Live)'-John Fogerty

'Baseball & Football'-George Carlin

'First Base Coach'-Hugh Fink

Music Loss: 'Strawberry Fields Forever'-The Beatles (trumpeter Derek Watkins dies at 68)

Rock Birthdays: 'The Lonely Bull'-Herb Alpert (trumpet player born 78 years ago)

'Weapon of Choice'-Fatboy Slim (Christopher Walken's been dancing 70 years now)

'Hey Hey'-Bad Company (written by Mick Ralphs, celebrating 69 years)

'Little Bitty Pretty One'-Huey Lewis & The News (keyboardist Sean Hopper turns 60)

'Rock and Roll Train'-AC/DC (Angus Young born in Scotland 58 years ago)

Dessert: 'Bring Me Some Water'-Melissa Etheridge

Thanks for waking up early to join me on 'Your Easter Sunday Brunch' 7 to 10 a.m., now go find those eggs-Grateful Mike