The YouTube page is called 'The Sea Rabbit.' It seems to be that the vlogger is from Colorado and isn't too fond of Wyoming.

In the video, he talks about what the country should've/should do with the Cowboy State. First, he thinks that Wyoming should've been divided up amongst all the surrounding states never allowing Wyoming to be a state at all. He also wonders why Wyoming is a state at all considering it has the least amount of people. The vlogger then goes on to talk about how he did research on the Cowboy State and found only eight reasons why Wyoming is so great, he thinks eight reasons isn't enough.

He goes on to make fun of Wyoming for being a square-shaped state, but the vlogger lives in Colorado, a state that is also square. The only positive thing he seemed to find about the state was that there is a town called Gillette.

The YouTube Vlogger seems to think we should turn the whole state into a giant wind farm to provide energy for the rest of the country. At the end of the video, he talks about how much wind there is and how no one can leave because the wind blows you back in, others may say the wind keeps people like this vlogger out of this great state. What do you think?

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