Okay, I admit it. When it comes to March Madness basketball, I know squat about it. But some people are so serious about next Thursday's jam packed b-ball action that they HAVE to watch every game, even if it means missing work to do it!

According to this, at least 11% of people are actually considering calling in sick just to watch March madness, and the culprits on top of the list...parents!  This study shows that more parents would call in sick for March madness than non parents.

So what about those who actually show up to work on March madness?

They might have been better off calling in sick.  Even though they thought it was important enough to show up at their jobs, at least 39% of employees plan on watching at least some of the games by way of streaming on their work computers, and 20% plan on hanging out in a bar during their lunch break to watch the games.

How bout you, have you ever called in sick because of March madness, or some other major games?