From, The Best Restaurants in Fort Collins all look awesome, and only more Cheyenne residents have been dropping 45 minutes down 1-25 in droves.

That’s not to say most of us aren’t satisfied with our great meat and potatoes in Wyoming, but “Dayum,” I mean, darn, some of the great stuff described in FoCo now sounds too good not to try. Here are a few personal favorites for highlights.

One new trend is called “Farm to table.” You may like The Kitchen on North College Drive. Thrillist says, “menus include the name of the American farmer, rancher, or fisherman that produced the dish’s ingredients.”

Thrillist’s favorite places for breakfast all seem real good, but when I was told by a friend that Fort Collins now has a Snooze, I said, “Okay, that clinches it for me.” I'll be there even if it’s 45 minutes and another 45 minute wait," like many weekend brunches at Snooze. I only knew of two Denver locations, but I found them right downtown Fort Collins (Snooze is not on the thrillist list.)

Want pizza? I'd forgotton about Beau Jo’s from before I left Colorado. When I first left Chicago, I couldn’t eat pizza anywhere else until I had Beau Jo’s deeper dish.

Do you eat sushi? In FoCo I hear shishimi lovers only need two words – White Tree – in the strip by the Taft Hill Road King Sooper.

And I haven't even mentioned the burger places in FoCo. Some of them feature this idea, a cheeseburger stuffed onion ring. I don't eat very unhealthy very often now, but I'd love to have one bite of one.