It was an AMAZING Thankful Thursday at the Redwood Lounge on East Lincolnway, with a record breaker night raising money for Healing Waters.  Cheyenne, you helped raise $17,500 plus dollars!

Last night’s experience was one I’ll never forget!  So many people stepped up, giving their hard earned money to this wonderful organization, Healing Waters, and I was literally moved to tears seeing all the love and support from our incredible Cheyenne community!

It certainly didn’t take long for the “Healing Waters banner of pledges" to fill up, as so many people and business owners came forward with $100, $200, one business even gave more than 2-thousand dollars!

Healing Waters is a wonderful organization who help so many of our wounded warriors and veterans find physical and emotional healing, through learning the art of fly fishing and fly tying education.  I’ve heard so many say that Healing Waters is what took them out of a dark place, and gave them a sense of peace.  Because of your generous support last night, Healing Waters will be able to continue to give our service men and women hope!  GOD BLESS YOU CHEYENNE for showing that our community has such a GIGANTIC heart!