The Administrator of the Wyoming Attorney General's Consumer Affairs Division says her phone has "been ringing off the hook" the last couple of days with reports of a telephone scam in the Cheyenne area.

Leslie Osen says the intended victim is targeted with a recorded message warning that a non-existent credit or debit card has been cancelled. The intended victim is then asked to press a number on their phone and give personal bank account information,, Social Security numbers and other details that could be used to steal money from bank accounts and other financial resources.

Osen says most of the calls are made via cell phone, adding that so far the calls seem concentrated in the Cheyenne area and are ''robo-calls". Osen reminds people they should never give out bank account or Social Security information to people they don't know.

She says people receiving the calls should hang up immediately. She says they can also report the calls either to the Wyoming Attorney General's office, or to the Federal Trade Commission.