Have you ever listened to Guns N' Roses first album?

This weekend you'll have a chance to hear half of their debut record as our 'Album Side Sunday' will feature 'Appetite for Destruction.'

At the beginning of the eight o'clock hour of 'Your Sunday Brunch' we'll play the 'G' side of the 1987 album. July 21, 2012 will mark the 25th anniversary of the release of 'Appetite for Destruction.'

On vinyl and cassette tapes, instead of being labeled 'A' and 'B,' the sides were called 'G' and 'R.' Tracks we'll be playing from the 'G' side of 'Appetite for Destruction' are:

1. 'Welcome to the Jungle' (written in less than 3 hours)

2. 'It's So Easy' (written by Duff McKagen and West Arkeen)

3. 'Nightrain' (a tribute to the cheap California wine Night Train Express)

4. 'Out ta Get Me' (lyrics are about Axl Rose's constant trouble with the law growing up in Indiana)

5. 'Mr. Brownstone' (about a typical day in the life of Slash and Izzy)

6. 'Paradise City' (composed in the back of a rental van on their way back to Los Angeles)

Members of Guns N' Roses on their debut album:

-W. Axl Rose on lead vocals, percussion on 'Welcome to the Jungle,' synthesizer and whistle on 'Paradise City'

-Slash on lead guitar, rhythm guitar on 'Nightrain'

-Izzy Stradlin on rhythm guitar and backing vocals, lead guitar on 'Nightrain' and percussion on 'Paradise City'

-Duff McKagen on bass and backing vocals

-Steven Adler on drums

Guns N' Roses was formed when two southern California bands merged, L. A. Guns and Hollywood Rose.