One of my favorite things to buy at the fair or anywhere I can find it is kettle corn - especially caramel kettle corn. I was speaking to a lady who runs a kettle corn booth and she said there's one guy who will buy the caramel corn and eat it like cereal. He'll pour milk over it and eat it with a spoon.

Eating caramel corn like breakfast cereal, you say? This, I have to try!

As soon as I got home, I pulled out my best cereal bowl (which is also my only cereal bowl), poured milk over it to try it out for myself.

Immediately, the caramel corn started to absorb the milk. At first, I thought to myself I was about to eat a mushy bowl of popcorn flavored gruel. As it turned out, it wasn't half bad! Sure, the popcorn started sponging up the milk, much like puffed rice does, but the caramel part kept it crisp enough to finish your bowl. You'll probably have to eat it pretty fast, or don't do what I did and fill the entire bowl full of cereal.

So, just so you know, in a pinch, caramel corn can be used as a substitute for breakfast cereal. It's probably just a healthy as most cereals on the market, too.