Get ready to be mystified, as mentalists Soydan and Reed Barrett get ready to amaze you in "An Evening With 2 Mentalists THIS Saturday, at Laramie County Library.

I had a chance to be mystified myself as Reed Barrett had me think of a card, while Soydan was kind enough to film us in the studio, and sure enough, the card I was thinking of, ended up in the deck of cards face down, while all the other cards were face up.  It was just one of many fun magical tricks you'll be able to see in this amazing show.  So, just who are these 2 mentalists?

Soydan, who's originally from Turkey,"utilizes psychology, suggestion and teachings of his Eastern mentors, to demonstrate amazing feats of the mind.  Is it possible to control peoples minds or predict their actions?  After this show, you might end up with more questions than answers."

Reed Barrett, who just graduated from the University of Wyoming goes "beyond the realm of mentalism."  "Are we more in tune with the world around us than we think?  During the show, we will dissect the human mind as we explore its potential.  Subliminal messaging is at work, beware your thoughts aren't safe here."

Tickets are on sale NOW, and are $15 in advance on,  or $20 at the door.  Don't miss this extraordinary evening filled with amazement, wonder and mentalism.