It was a tremendous night last Thursday at the Redwood Lounge on East Lincolnway, all for a tremendous cause, Healing Waters, and this Thursday, another opportunity to party it up, help out a great cause, AND get a shot to win $500 dollars with another Thankful Thursday!

It started more than 70 years ago, when a struggling entertainer with only 7 dollars in his pocket and a baby on the way, found his way to a Detroit church for some guidance.  He was so moved from the mass service that he took his remaining 7 dollars and put it in the collection plate, only leaving him a few coins to provide for his family.  This struggling entertainer, full of anguish over his looming hospital bills, and no foreseeable way to pay them, got down on his knees and prayed to GOD to  “…help me find my way in life, and I will build you a shrine…”  That entertainer was the legendary Danny Thomas, and that shrine that started out as a desperate prayer, was soon known throughout the world as St Jude’s Research Hospital!

Since they opened their doors in 1962, St. Jude’s Research Hospital has changed the lives of countless children all over the world stricken with life threatening diseases find hope.  Danny made it his mission to help families, who are faced with a sick child, receive only the best medical research, treatment and care, without having to worry about their insurmountable bills.  It was Danny Thomas’ mission that “…no family shall ever be turned away because of their inability to pay…”    The cost of keeping the doors of hope open at St. Jude’s is 1.8 million dollars per day!  The way they keep those doors open is by your generous support, and we hope that you’ll open up your hearts this Thursday!

We’re now down to 26 Coors Light aluminum bottles, one of them containing $500 dollars!  And don’t forget to stop by Central Bank and Trust and get the “Thankful Thursday Word of the Week,” and they’ll give you a card with that special word on it.  All you need to do is bring it into the Redwood Lounge, and if we draw your number and we ask you what that word of the week is, and you show us that card, you could score yourself $150 dollars!  There’ll be great drink specials from Coors and Coors Light, great auction items and so much more, AND we’ll be raising money for St. Jude’s Research Hospital!

The party gets underway at 4:30pm, so come out, grab your friends for a few “drinks after work,” and join us this Thursday night at the Redwood Lounge for Thankful Thursday!   See you there!