Cheyenne Mayor Rick Kaysen says an appraisal of the property known as ‘the hole’ on West Lincolnway is needed before serious negotiations can begin between the city and the company that owns 2/3 of the property on a possible city purchase. The Cheyenne City Council last week voted to authorize Kaysen to negotiate a purchase of the  part of the property not already owned by the city. Any purchase agreement would need city council approval before being finalized. Kaysen says he has spoken with a representative of the Kansas company that owns the property, but says a valuation  of the property is needed before serious talks can get underway. Kaysen also says it’s not his intention that the city end up as the long-term owner of the property, but rather it would facilitate some type of private development. He says the current split ownership of the hole has been a major stumbling block to any such development so far.