If you want fish in the frying pan, you've got to go where the fish are. And right now they are hitting in a lot of places. In fact, its some of the best fishing of the year so far, at North Platte River – Grey Reef, North Platte River and Encampment River – Saratoga Valley and Snowy Range. The problem with Snowy Range is the remnants of the fire that flared up north of Lake Owen in The Medicine Bow National Forrest. Albany County firefighters have the fire 80% contained, burning mainly beetle kill pine, and they are putting out spot fires. If you go, you’ll be breathing smoke.

Next best are Glendo, Pole Mountain, Laramie Plains Lakes, Granite, Crystal and North Crow Reservoirs, where the fishing is best early and late in the day. Avoid the heat and sun in middle of the day, and reserve your campsites early.

Don’t be surprised if you have lots of competition going after your dinner and there will be mosquitoes trying to make a dinner out of you.  Pack the Deet.

You might get a walleye or catfish out of Hawk Springs, but the day there might be better spent on a jet ski or hiking. Save the fishing for early and late. North Platte River- Miracle Mile is slow because the levels are high. Avoid Laramie River during the heat of the day.

Good Luck, and may you love to fish as much as the woman in this video.