Gum is a healthy alternative to candy or other snacks, right?.  Well, actually, maybe not.

Gum makes you:

  • Eat LESS fruit
  • Eat MORE junk food
  • Increases the likelihood that you'll eat candy and chips
  • You might get IBS
  • Swallow a bunch of air so you end up with diarrhea, cramps, and bloating.  (Yeah, that’s enjoyable.)
  • Sugar causes tooth decay and your teeth will rot
  • Artificially-sweetened gum acts as a LAXATIVE.

Oh, and gum is made from "sheep fat".  It doesn't harm you. It's just a yellow, waxy substance. They call it "lanolin", and it keeps the gum soft.  But it's made from the SECRETIONS from a sheep's glands.

In the words of Joe Walsh: “Got any gum?”