Can you imagine NOT being able to have Christmas for your family?  Unfortunately, there’s so many families right here in Cheyenne who need a miracle, and you can make miracles happen this Saturday at Walgreen’s on Del Range Boulevard, with our Holidays With Heroes Gift Drive!

We’ll be out at Walgreen’s on Del Range this Saturday from 10am to 3pm, collecting as many donations as we can for gifts, so that these families WILL have a Christmas!  We’ve teamed up with Officer Ruiz, along with the rest of the Cheyenne Police Department, City Fire Departments, Laramie County Sheriff’s Department and American Medical Response in collecting gifts for the countless families right here in Cheyenne who need them.  Officer Ruiz who founded Holidays With Heroes understands personally, what it’s like to be in a family who can’t afford Christmas, or only receive Christmas gifts for some family members while the rest are left out because there aren’t enough to go around, he came from such a family.  That’s why when he started Holidays With Heroes back in 2009, he made it a mission that ALL family members receive a gift for Christmas;  whether it be a child getting a new toy,  a mom getting perfume, a dad getting some tools,  teens getting something for Christmas, he wants to make sure that ALL family members have a Merry Christmas! 

Since Holidays With Heroes focuses on the entire family, we’re looking for donations that range from new toys, to gift cards, electronics, perfume, tools, anything that will provide a Christmas for all family members.  Since Holidays With Heroes is a small, local organization, they aren’t able to take clothing items because they don’t have enough volunteers to separate all the different sizes, so they suggest a donation of gift cards so that families can go out and get the clothing they need.  We’re hoping to fill the bins this Saturday at Walgreen’s and hope to see you all there!  If you can’t make it tomorrow, you can still drop off your donations at these locations through the holidays:

*Family Dollar store on East Lincolnway

*Petco on Del Range Boulevard

*Carousel Kids on East Pershing Boulevard

* Walgreen’s at both the East Lincolnway and Del Range Boulevard locations

* Cheyenne Fire Headquarters just off west 19th Street

* Cheyenne Police Department at 20th and Capitol in downtown Cheyenne

We’ve also talked with Nick Dodgson with Speedy Lube Services who has also volunteered to set up a donation bin at his location just off Del Range Boulevard on Frontier Mall Drive, behind the Boot Barn!

“Holidays With Heroes” is also accepting money donations with a special “Holidays With Heroes Account” set up through Wy Hy Federal Credit Union, just off Del Range Boulevard on Stillwater Avenue, in Cheyenne.

Please help spread the word, and be a hero to a family in need RIGHT NOW!  Be a hero to these families by giving to Holidays With Heroes, and GOD Bless!