Boat Named 'Titanic II' Sinks (Paramount)

Would you ever name your boat the "Titanic II"? It's all in the name, sometimes what you're called can determine your fate.

Mark Wilkinson decided to tempt fate when he named his boat "Titanic II" after the ill-fated ocean liner that sank on it's maiden voyage after hitting an iceberg.

The Birmingham, England resident was rescued by the harbor master as he was clinging to the side of his boat as it was sinking in the water on it's maiden voyage. Since then, the 40-year-old Wilkinson has had to endure a never-ending stream of Titanic jokes.

His boat didn't hit an iceberg,"Titanic II" sank due to a six-inch hole in the hull.
As bad as his luck was, it wasn't as bad as the 2010 direct-to-dvd movie named "Titanic II."