Wyoming Ranked the 5th Most “Redneck” State in America
Typically, when you think of rednecks, the deep south is the first area that comes to mind. However, according to a recent report from the website, Wyoming is the fifth most "redneck" state in America.
The article ranked on all fifty states based on a variety of redneck stere…
Wyoming Meat House Crowned Bacon Champ of the Rocky Mountains
Here's some good news for bacon connoisseurs in the Cowboy State. A Wyoming meat processor, Clark's Meat House in Riverton, recently won the 2015 Champion Bacon Award at the Hands Across the Rockies Cured Meats Competition.
Clark's defeated pork purveyors from across Wyoming,…
Wyoming Town On 50 Coolest Small Towns In America List
From Mooresville, Alabama in the south, to up north in Sitka, Alaska, from Mystic, Connecticut in the east to Paia, Hawaii, Esquire Magazine has come up with the 50 Coolest Small Towns In America.
Which Wyoming Town made the cut?
Jackson, Wyoming
"Tourists flock to Jackson to visit Grand Teton…
Cat Wins ‘Hero Dog’ Award, and Deserves It [VIDEO]
Last year a dog attacked a four-year-old kid in Bakersfield,California, you might remember the story . . . because the kid was rescued by the family CAT.
The neighbor's dog basically tried to rip the kid's LEG off.  Then the kid's cat came charging in out of nowhere ...
Young History For Those With No Fear Of Spiders [VIDEO]
This Young Canadian proved to be a force of nature. Revolutionizing music, literally. He stirred revolution politically. He has boosted education, taken on disabilities and saved farmers, our food supply and ecology for mother earth. I would hope he’s not an arachnophobic...

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