The Year Our Dog Whiskers Ruined Thanksgiving Dinner (True Story)
I don't remember the exact year, but I was 7 or 8 years old. It was Thanksgiving Day and my parents had spent the entire morning preparing our annual family feast. It remains the most memorable Thanksgiving dinner of my entire life.
My dad had just taken the turkey out of the oven and we were ge…
Cheyenne’s Best Television Commercial (Video)
Most of the local television commercials here in Cheyenne are hit and miss; some are better than others. However, there is one commercial that gets my attention whenever I see it, the Town and Country Supermarket Liquors campaign featuring an adorable labrador retriever named Abby and her canin…
Wyoming’s Most Famous Wild Turkey
Up in Casper, there's a wild turkey that roams the campus of Casper College. In fact, he's become such a popular public figure that locals have affectionately named him "Thomas Gobbles".
Recently, Thomas solidified his claim as Wyoming's most famous wild turkey when r…
New K-9 Joins Cheyenne Police Department
The Cheyenne Police Department has added a fourth dog to its K-9 Unit.
K-9 Jano, a one-year-old Bavarian Mountain Hound from Slovakia, will be trained in scent specific tracking as well as narcotics detection.
Jano will be the only dog in the unit with the scent specific tracking training...
BDAR Waiving Fees for “Less-Adoptable” Pets
Black Dog Animal Rescue is waiving all adoption fees for "less-adoptable" pets this month.
In recognition of’s "Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet" campaign, BDAR has partnered with the Cheyenne Dog Food Company, Cottonwood Veterinary Clinic, PetCo and Red Ruff Inn to offer …

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