Why Don’t We Have Faster-Than-Light Travel Yet?
Traveling faster than the speed of light is a popular concept in the world of most science fiction, but still very much fiction. So why is it that with all of the technological advancements that actual science has made over the last century is faster-than-light travel nowhere within our reach?
Wish Upon A Star, More Meteor Showers Expected Tonight
Have you seen your first falling star of 2013?
Gailen told me today that he saw a meteor early this morning on his way in for the KING morning show. There should be plenty more to see if we have clear skies overnight in the area.
According to, the annual meteor shower you can view tonight is…
Best Dad Ever Sends Toy Train Into Space [VIDEO]
We assumed this guy was the world’s worst dad for taking his son’s favorite toy and launching it into space. But it turns out he could track it using GPS so that it wouldn’t be lost forever, and he is actually the coolest dad on earth because now his kid has a video of his train in…

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