Wyoming Based Video Game Out Now [VIDEO]
Firewatch is a beautiful game with incredible writing & voice acting. Our review:
— IGN (@IGN) February 8, 2016
Bringing the beauty of Wyoming and Yellowstone National Park to the world via computer code has been accomplished, with &ldquo…
Charter Releases Statement on Internet Outage [UPDATED]
A Charter Communications spokesman says in an email that all Charter services were restored shortly before 7 p.m.   
Original Story:
Charter Communications has released a brief statement on the internet service problems experienced by customers across southeast Wyoming...
Homeless Guy Takes Credit Cards
I’ll bet homeless people hear "Sorry, don't have any cash on me," a lot.  But there's a guy in Detroit who's going to make you get more creative with your excuses.
Abe Hagenston has been homeless in Detroit for about seven years, living under an overpass...
New App Helps To Make Music [VIDEO]
Apple has just released a new app for musicians, called Music Memos.  It's pretty crazy how it works.  You can record music into your iPhone, just like with Voice Memos, and then the app plays it back with drums and bass.  It turns your idea into a complete song on the …

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