How many months has it been since we found out who was coming to grace the stage and fill the stands at Cheyenne Frontier Days this summer? It seems to me it was last October that the lineup was released, and now it’s finally here! Tonight is opening night for Frontier Nights and on stage it will be Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow at 8 pm!

The rumor mills have been active with stories about whether or not Kid & Sheryl are an item or not?  We dug around a bit and really didn’t find any evidence to support any activity in that regard.  BUT…they probably were involved (at least a little) at some point in the past. Really, do we care?

I can’t find any scoop either on how the actual concert is going to be laid out? Maybe Sheryl will be Kid’s opening act so to speak, and then share the stage for their duet “Picture” with Kid Rock’s performance finishing out the concert? Maybe they will float in and out of each others’ performance for the whole concert? Who knows…I guess that’s why we have to go to the show!

It should be a good concert either way as Sheryl has won nine Grammy awards and Kid has been nominated for five. After Frontier Days, they are on to Minot, ND for the State Fair and then on to Sacramento, CA.

Interesting facts  – He is a Republican and she is a Democrat. They are both very outspoken on their political views. She is also a breast cancer survivor.