53 dogs of all breeds rescued from a California dog hoarder are getting what they need!

By now you've heard the story about a dog hoarder from California that was tracked to Northern Colorado and Cheyenne by authorities. She surrendered 53 of 57 dogs to Cheyenne Animal Shelter (CAS) last Friday. Most of the pups are in good health and have been fed well and watered. There are some circumstances due to living in a house trailer that have to be evaluated.

What a great opportunity for you folks to check their web site as these "fur babies" become available for adoption.

From the CAS Facebook page:

We've received 2500 lb. of food (wet and dry) since putting a call out last week. Always need more food (including wet food, since its not something that is typically bought and many of the 53 hoarder dogs have dental problems that prevent them from eating hard food). Asking for monetary donations to help cover vet bills for all 53 dogs. Also seeking serious adopters!


CAS is just overcome with thankfulness for the community response that we have received in the last 2 days!! A mountain of food has been collected, a pile of foster applications came in and the continued support has just been amazing. We want to answer some questions real quick that have been floating around:


-We are still in need of bedding as well as donations to help cover medical costs
-There is a huge variety of breeds within this group, please continue to check our adoptable animals page on www.CASWY.org to meet them.
-Animals will be moved to the adoption floor gradually, once they are deemed healthy and fit enough to go home.
-If you applied to be foster you will be contacted by our Foster Coordinator as soon as she can to give more information.

Our population just increased in Cheyenne by 53 and we couldn't be happier that the Cheyenne Animal Shelter is behind the rescue and care for these wonderful creatures.