These Boots Are Made For Talking became reality in Cheyenne back in 2005!

Have you ever wondered how these "boots" came about. In 2004-2005, they were the inspiration of many artists. Did you know you can take a cell phone and a map, visit all of the 19 boots placed around Cheyenne. They are made for talking, because the artists of each boot will tell you the story for his or her's boot.

  • 1. Gambler’s Boot – 4601 Carey Ave (Old West Museum. Artist: Max Larkin
  • 2. Springtime in Cheyenne, 6101 Yellowstone Rd, Artist: Rose Burrows
  • 3. Licensed to Boot, 2301 Central Ave (Wyoming State Museum). Artist: Carey Junior High Art Club
  • 4. Religion’s a Kick, 2200 O’Neil Ave, artist: Mike McIntosh
  • 5. Memories of the Old West, 2100 Westland Rd (inside Haliday Motors), artist Cody Hamil
  • 6. Journey of the Soul, 1700 W Lincolnway, Artist Vicki McSchooler
  • 7. LCCC Eagle Eye on the Future, 1400 E College Dr (douth side of campus), artist Ross Lampshire
  • 8. LCCC 40 Years of Excellence, 1400 E College Dr (north side of campus), artist Ross Lampsire, design by Greg Flores
  • 9. People Places and Things, 311 Cleveland Place (Lobby) artist Deselms Fine Art Group
  • 10. Outlaws of Wyoming, Morrie Ave/Lincolnway (Holliday Park), artist Cheyenne Artist Guild
  • 11. Blue Skies Over Cheyenne, 200 E 8th Ave (airport lobby), artist John Guthrie
  • 12. 8 Second Steps to the Big Time, 1912 Capitol Ave, artist Ross Lampshire
  • 13. Book Boot, 2200 Pioneer Ave (outside library), artist Max Larkin
  • 14. Where the Deer and the Antelope Play, Cheyenne Depot Plaza, artist Liz Gnagy
  • 15. Don’t Feed the Animals, Cheyenne Depot Plaza, artist Jill Pope
  • 16. Governors of Wyoming, Cheyenne Depot Plaza, artist Alice Reed
  • 17. Downtown Cheyenne, Cheyenne Depot Paza, artist various
  • 18. Milestones: Chamber 100th Anniversary, Cheyenne Depot Plaza, artist Jill Pope
  • 19. Patriotic, 15th st/Thomes Ave (Gunslinger Square), artist Ross Lampshire

I am going to take the cell phone and visit the talking boots and get back to you soon.