"Know Sooner. Be Certain."

Cheyenne Radiology Group’s top priority is its patients. By performing comprehensive diagnostic imaging and providing definitive interpretation of the data and images obtained, the entire team at the full-service medical imaging center work together to give patients and their physicians information critical to timely healthcare decisions. A combination of advanced digital technology, highly trained and experienced staff enables Cheyenne Radiology Group to provide results quickly and confidently.

In addition to their in-office procedures, Cheyenne Radiology Group’s professional services connect medical practices around Wyoming and Colorado with their network of on-call radiologists. Cheyenne Radiology Group is available to provide fast and accurate image interpretations at all hours.

Founded: 1952

Since 1952, over two million patients in Wyoming, Colorado and Nebraska have chosen and trusted Cheyenne Radiology group to deliver timely, accurate results in an environment that emphasizes patient individuality convenience and dignity.


We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and maintain the highest industry standards. All examinations are performed by a certified and licensed technologist with results interpreted by a board-certified and highly trained radiologist.